Kasihta – DeSoto first encounters them as “Confitachequi” in what is probably the Savannah, GA area. He describes them as being more civilized (having better clothing and shoes). By 1670 they move to northern Georgia and later, around 1702, they are living near the Chattahoochee and Coosa Rivers. By the early 1800s they are on the Flint River. The 1832 census assigns seven towns to this tribe: Euchee Creek, Tolarnulkar Hatchee, Opillikee Hatchee (Tallassee Town), Chowwokolohatchee, Scharlitcha, Osenubba Hatchee (Tuckabatchee Hario’s Town), and Tuskehenehas Chooley’s Town. One legend says the Kasihta and Coweta migrate from the west as one people and settle in the Southeastern U.S. area. Those living in the east became Kasihta and those in the west Coweta.