Uchean Dialect

Uchean Dialect – A dialect spoken primarily by the Yuchi who originally reside west of the Appalachian Mountains in present-day Tennessee and north Georgia. Their dialect has many Siouan and Muskogee resemblances making it difficult to classify. Cofitachique, Intatchkalgi, Padshilaika, and Tokogalgi are some of their primary towns. By the mid-1700s they live along the Savannah River. Reports from 1822 say the town of Miccosukee (in present-day Leon County, FL) is Yuchi and other Yuchi are living along the Tallapoosa River. Reports say they have 500 warriors, making them a very large element of the Creek Confederacy. However, one account says the Creeks consider them to be slaves. At the time of removal in 1832, their towns are: Arkansaw River, Big Pond Town, Blackjack Town, Deep Fork Creek, Duck Creek Town, Intatchkalgi, Mount Pleasant, Ogeechee, Padshilaika, Polecat Creek, Red Fork, Silver Bluff, Snake Creek, Spring Garden Town, and Tokogalgi. Initially classified as a Muskogee dialect by Swanton, both dialects of the Yuchi language are unique and now considered to be a language isolate.