Hitchiti Dialect

At one time this group may have been one of the most important in southern Georgia and their language the prevailing speech in the southern area of the United States. It is debated as to which language is oldest and therefore the “root” language of the Muskogees – Hitchiti or Muskogee. Most believe Hitchiti to be the older.

DeSoto is the first to encounter this group in April 1540 as the “Ocute” and places them one day’s journey from Tama. After the Yamasee War (1715-17), the Hitchiti move to the Chattahoochee River area and live along the Flint River. The Apalachicola, Sawokli, Okmulgee, Oconee, Tamali or Tama, Chiaha, and Mikasuki were also members of this language group. By 1820, there are six “Fowl Towns”: Cahalli-hatchi, old Tallahassi, Atap’halgi, Allikhadshi, Ectatulga, and Mikasuki.