Choctaw Dialect

One of the largest Southern tribes living in the middle and southern Mississippi Valley region, they are first encountered by DeSoto in October 1540. They remain in this large area until removal begins around 1832.

Reports show they constantly war with the Creeks and Chickasaw tribes. This dialect grouping also includes the Chickasaw who DeSoto encounters and notes for their war-like qualities. The Chickasaw nearly demolish DeSoto’s expedition through repeated attacks.

By the early 1700s, English traders again reach this group in the lower Mississippi Valley. The Chickasaw battle against the Cherokee, Natchez, and Shawnee but remain dedicated allies of the English. Signing over of their territory begins in the early 1800s and, between 1822-38, they are removed to Oklahoma. The Choctaw Dialect also includes the Chakchiums, Houma, Mobile, Tohome, Pensacola, Taposa, Ibitoupa, Quinipissa or Mugulasha, Bayogoula, and Acolapissa tribes.