Tuskegee Dialect

Tuskegee Dialect – a Cherokee legend says this group is unique, originally lived along the Tennessee River, and maintained a cedar pole with a human figure in their towns. DeSoto first encounters the Tuskegee near Ocmulgee (Macon, GA). According to maps after the Yamasee War, it is shown consistently from 1720-59 as being near Ocmulgee and from 1733-77 as being near the Chattahoochee River. By 1799, this group is found at the fork of two rivers, Coosa and Tallapoosa, in approximately the same place as the fallen French Fort Toulouse. At this time, remnants of seven Indian nations are living in this area – each speaking a different language but communicating with each other using Muskogee. The 1761 census reports 40 hunters living in Tuskegee and Coosaw Old Town. By 1800, Hawkins reports they have lost their original language and customs and conformed completely to Creek (Muskogee).