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Nene Hvtke (pronounced nee-nee hut-kee) means White Path. While the correct Muscogee spelling for "white" is hvtke - not hutke, we chose to spell our name using a "u" instead of a "v" to aid in pronunciation. Brochure Front Page The Muskogee word "hutke" has no modern meaning but an old, archaic meaning is "feathered." Nene Hutke literally means "path white", or in English, "white path". It also has several additional levels of meanings. One of these involves our grounds being patterned after a Muscogee Creek white town – so another meaning would be "path of peace".

To learn more about us, please see this brochure. In April 2012, we received 501(c)(3) status which makes contributions to us tax deductible. You can make a tax deductible donation using PayPal by visiting our Make a Donation! webpage. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at info@nenehutke.org.


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Our History

Temporary Cabins at Nene Hutke

The decision to start a new Muskogee Creek Square Ground was made the evening of July 1, 2011. Two properties were available. After inspecting the first site the following day, it was decided to build the new ceremonial grounds near Chattahoochee, Fl. During the two hot months of July and August, a handful of dedicated visionaries began preparing the grounds for ceremonies. Desiring a place of Muskogee Creek worship unaffiliated with any tribal authority or council, and thus open to all Muskogee people, Nene Hutke was incorporated as a church on July 11, 2011. Little Green Corn was our first ceremony. This ceremony was conducted on September 3, 2011 – just 63 days from the moment the decision was made. This photo shows the temporary canopies used for cabins in both the main square and social square.