In olden times, the Square Ground was the center of a town with political and sacred, civil and spiritual functions. However, today many tribes do not have a Square Ground and most Square Grounds do not have a governmental or administrative function.

People at Nene Hutke

Nene Hutke is not a tribe, nation, band, village, or clan -- we are a a spiritual Muskogee Square Ground conducting ceremonies in a culturally relevant way. In other words, we are a traditional Muskogee Church and a 501(c)(3) organization. Our ceremonies are conducted according to Muskogee traditions which include purification, medicines, teaching, stomp dancing, prophesy, and prayer. We believe in the triune nature of the Creator, while continuing the old ways. We believe the Creator gave the Muskogee people the Square Ground, the Sacred Fire, the Medicines, and the Ceremonies for special worship.

At Nene Hutke we schedule our ceremonies according to the old traditions.  Since we are an independent Square Ground, some of our members are also members of neighboring tribes and some are not associated with any tribe.  Some of these tribes may or may not conduct some or all of the traditional ceremonies. Some may or may not have their own ceremonial grounds.  When a Nene Hutke ceremony conflicts with a member’s home grounds ceremony, we encourage them to attend at their home ground.