How do I become a member?

Because our Verified Muskogee membership requires genealogy research which may take weeks (or longer) to complete, we have a two step membership process.

  1. The first step is to complete the application below and submit it via email or regular mail (addresses are included on the application).  This portion of the application will provide us with basic contact information and allow us to add you to our mailing list so you can be notified of work days, upcoming plans, and other items of interest.  Please be sure to indicate your intentions to submit or not submit the second part of the application.  This form also requires you to read the Nene Hutke By-Laws and Governance Document, which are linked below.

  2. If you wish to become a voting member or hold office, you must also submit documents to support the verification of ancestry. The second form requires you provide proof of membership in a state or federally recognized tribe -- or -- to collect a “trail” of documents linking you to your Muskogee ancestor appearing on the Eastern Creek Rolls.  Once your membership packet is completed, you need to mail it to our membership coordinator.  The address is provided on the application.  Please note, those who do not wish to become Verified Voting Muskogee members, are not required to submit this portion of the application form.

    For example, the following types of documents provide proof of a connection or link to another person:

    • Birth certificate - provides proof of a relationship between parents and a child
    • Marriage license – provides proof of a relationship between a man and woman
    • Census – Certified copies of United States Census records may be used to provide proof of a parent/child relationship and/or husband/wife relationship.  Many census reports list the names of all members of a household – including the names of the children.  However, census reports prior to 1850 only provide the name of the head of household and a count based upon age of the household members.  Make sure each census you include provides the required connection or link.
    • Death certificate – may provide proof of a relationship between the deceased and a spouse, parents, and/or children.
    • Obituary – may provide proof of a relationship between the deceased’s parents, children, spouse, and other relatives. 

    Upon receipt of your Part II Application, our genealogist will review these documents and work with you towards resolving any issues. 

Please feel free to contact our membership coordinator if you have questions.