Heritage Council Members

The Mekko Heleswv is the High Priest of the Square Ground and has authority over all of the Ceremonial Complex, High Holiday, Ceremonial issues, or Medicine matters. He is the Head of the Heritage Council which consists of the confirmed (consecrated) Osempunvye, Henehv, Totkv Oktatitco, and Etske Rakko. All Heritage Council meetings are closed except to someone invited by the Mekko Heleswv. These meetings are discussions, training, or planning sessions only. There is no voting. Mekko Heleswv decides all matters except for those involving Women’s Medicine, which are decided by the Etske Rakko.

Meet the Nene Hutke Heritage Council members:

Mike Kendrick
Mekko Heleswv

George McKeown

Regina Blackstock
Etske Rakko