Eligibility Council

Because we are a free assembly of worshippers guided by a consecrated priesthood, we have no “membership” requirements for attendance. However, we believe the Square Ground was given to the Muskogees by the Creator and is to always be operated for and by them. To insure that our ceremonial Square Ground always remains for those of Muskogee blood, we have a Congregant Eligibility Council which consists of the Head Clan Mother, one male Heritage Council member, and five eligible congregants over the age of 21.

The Eligibility Council determines if a member is eligible to vote in the assembly of congregants or serve as a Square Ground officer, Clan Mother, or Heritage, Elders’, or Eligibility Council Member. An ineligible congregant is not allowed to serve in any of these capacities or vote in an assembly of congregants, though they may enjoy all other benefits and privileges the Nene Hutke Ceremonial Grounds provides.

Members of the Eligibility Council are:

Regina Blackstock
Etske Rakko

Rodney Ryals

Sondra Platt

George McKeown
Henehv and Heritage Council Member