Board of Directors and Elder's Council

The Business and property of Nene Hutke, Inc., is managed and controlled by a Board of Directors. The By-laws of Nene Hutke establishes five members with an option to increase the number to seven members by member vote. Currently, three of the directors are permanent directors and two are elected. Permanent directors serve in perpetuity and elected directors shall hold office for a four-year term or until their respective successors are elected. These five directors are also members of the Elders' Council.

The Board of Directors hold a minimum of two meetings per year. These meetings are open to all members and include financial reports, annual CPA's Review, meeting minutes, and discussions on issues. Meetings are announced at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Elders’ Council meetings are open to all congregants except in cases involving legal issues or impeachment. Elders' Council meetings and Board of Directors meetings are usually held at the same time. From time to time Elders’ Council may form a workforce, which is the ad hoc task force committee described in the Bylaws of Nene Hutke, Inc, from the assembly of congregants to carry out or oversee projects approved by the Elders’ Council or Heritage Council.

Meet the Nene Hutke Board of Directors and Elders' Council:

Mike Kendrick
Mekko Heleswv
Mekko of the Square, Heles hayv
and President of Nene Hutke, Inc.

Regina Blackstock
Etske Rakko or Head Woman
and Secretary of Nene Hutke, Inc.

Morna Smith
Treasurer of Nene Hutke, Inc.

George McKeown
and Grounds Keepker

Dustin Blackstock
Rakk Ohkakv Rakko